Samsung Inkubator dla klimatu

We won the 2021 Samsung Incubator Climate Leadership program

It’s worth it! This is our answer to all those who are wondering whether it is worth participating in incubation programs. The recruitment process required proper preparation and proving to the jury that the idea we are implementing has a chance of success and is based on solid foundations. Later it only got better.

Samsung Inkubator
Stephen Suh, President of Samsung Electronics Polska and Jadwiga Emilewicz, Member of the Polish Parliament, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers in April-October 2020, former Minister of Development.
Samsung Inkubator
Stephen Suh, President of Samsung Electronics Polska.

During the two months of the program, we had the opportunity to talk to many experts in the areas that are of interest to us. The first lecture by prof. Kozminski University, Ph.D. Bolesław Rok was extremely motivating. He pointed to the challenges facing the world and emphasized the importance of start-ups to have a positive impact. The next meetings were very practical. All participants worked together on projects, which quickly turned into building good relationships and contacts.

All the solutions participating in the Program were extremely interesting and getting to know them more closely was of great value to us. Different industries, different directions of activity, but the same challenge, built a thread of understanding among the participants and we are convinced that more than once in our professional life our paths will follow similar directions. The same as with the experts conducting the classes. We would like to thank Basia Domaradzka and Janek Kaczmarek from the MOST Foundation for inspiration in building sustainable business models and business evaluation of our solution. Bartek Rychter for an excellent legal consultation, the effects of which we are just implementing into our business. Mateusz Kaliszewski for discussing the essence of Lean Startup and Design Thinking, Daniel Dereniowski from Huge Tech and experts from Climate Leadership.

Samsung Inkubator dla klimatu

Unfortunately, we could not be present in the body during Demo Day, which took place at the Copernicus Science Center. We presented our solution and answered questions online. The jury’s verdict is a great ennoblement for us and we would like to thank Samsung Polska for granting us the distinction and the highest financial award, i.e. a check for 40,000 zlotys. PLN, which will be entirely allocated to the development of our project.

We are also very pleased with the words of the President of Samsung Polska, Mr. Stephen Suh, which he spoke during the Demo Day:  Today, we should all look for ways to stop the climate catastrophe, and thanks to the new technology – support the development of innovations designed for the future of future generations. All of them are not only startups, but also active young people, which is why this year we will launch a special program Solve for Tomorrow aimed at this group. 

We agree 100 percent. We all should be committed to a better future, which is what we wish for ourselves and for everyone.

The partners of the Samsung Incubator # dlaPlanety project are the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center – an organization implementing the mission of the United Nations Environment Program in Poland and the Białystok Science and Technology Park. The originators of the Center’s Climate Leadership program are Maria Andrzejewska, Director General of the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center and Professor Bolesław Rok from the Kozminski University. Hugetech Sp. z o.o and NewEconomy.

We would also like to thank Zuzanna Pelc from Huge Tech for the organizational side of the program and help during its duration. Let’s Swapp! the world together.

Photos: Press materials of the organizer