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Take! Return! New Swapp! Service from market leader in refill and reuse in Poland

The award-winning positive impact startup Swapp! is introducing a comprehensive service in the gastronomy industry – monitored reusable boxes for takeout meals.

Following refill stations, this is another service aimed at reducing the number of single-use plastic packaging and promoting eco-friendly behaviors among Poles.

The offer is aimed at individual and chain clients as well as dietary catering services. After intense collaboration with FMCG industry leaders, this time we are focusing on the needs of the gastronomy market. Since the beginning of the year, new regulations have been introduced imposing additional obligations on companies selling takeout meals. These include charging consumers extra fees for single-use packaging and presenting them with alternative food packaging options. Our solution meets the needs of both business clients and individual recipients, tired of the amount of waste from packaging and seeking eco-friendly solutions.

Entry for business partners into the Swapp! system is very simple. It requires registration in the Swapp! Partner app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. After signing the agreement, the Swapp! team determines with the gastronomic point the number and type of containers to be delivered and trains the staff. After the delivery of the containers, the point begins renting them out. The rental of each box is monitored through the app, which generates reports for settlement between the parties.

Individual users can register for the Swapp! app for free. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. Users can use the containers without charges or deposits. However, according to the terms of the regulations, they are obligated to return the rented box or cup within 5 days from the rental date. If they fail to do so, they become owners of the unreturned containers. Charges for purchasing the containers are deducted from their registered payment card in the system during registration. In such cases, the purchased container is removed from the Swapp! system. Customers return the containers entirely on their own, using return points located at the system’s Partners.

Gastronomic points interested in collaborating with Swapp! can choose from several available packaging options. We offer reusable universal bowls in various capacities, which work best for salads, pasta, or soups. We also provide lunchboxes for serving complex meals in one container, containers for pizza, burgers, or even beverage cups. All our packaging is certified for food contact, suitable for heating in the microwave, dishwasher safe, and refrigerator safe. We collaborate with top suppliers from Europe, whose packaging has been in use for several years in European Union countries. Unlike many single-use packages, our products are free from toxic compounds such as PFAS, PVC, PVDC, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.

Join us! Let’s Swapp! the world together!