Refilomat Swapp! we Wrocławiu

Refillomat Swapp! in Wroclaw

The great opening of the new Carrefour Hypermarket in the Magnolia Park Shopping Center marked the launch of the new Swapp! Refillomat in Wroclaw. In record time, together with the Yope brand, we prepared another refill station, open to customers in the last week. 

Implementation in such a large store is a big logistical and operational challenge. Establishing the process of delivery, service and daily operation requires great planning, flexibility and coming out with instant solutions for popping up challenges. But that’s a given in our journey as a startup, to be always ready to face challenges along with the lookout for opportunities. We can already see how much knowledge the new collaborative environment will give us. 

A significant number of employees, shifts and many more users of the refill station mean that we receive numerous compliments for this initiative almost every day, but also reports on minor difficulties that customers encounter while using our solution. We are constantly learning and challenging our assumptions and introducing improvements that we will implement in the coming days. 

In this refillomat, four amazing Yope products are available. Werbena hand soap, Oat milk hair shampoo, Yunnan shower gel and the new Figa hand soap. In Wroclaw, we also introduced reusable bottles made of stainless steel. We cordially invite you to Wroclaw to our Swapp refill station. Information about other locations is coming soon. Keep Swapping!