Our Team

Simon Barabasz

CEO & Changemaker

Entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. Implemented various projects in the field of technology and digital marketing for companies such as Danone, Microsoft, NTT Systems, BAT, Philipiak Milano etc. Avocate of great sustainable development and alternate economies around it.

Sargheve Sukumaran

CDO & Founder

Seasoned product & experience designer with strong technical background. 14+ years in the Design industy. Tech entrepreneur and mentor to a dozen of EU based accelerators & innovation programs. Former Chief Designer of Samsung Global Design Studio (South-west Asia).

Andrzej Sarapata


Marketing and project management manager, including financial services and company organization. He has led projects for brands in the FMCG industry and companies operating on regulated markets. Enthusiast of ecological solutions and positive impact startups.

Bartosz Reymont

Swapp! Service Manager

He has always been associated with tradeand customer service, passionate about healthy cuisine and a follower of the principle “I buy, cook, don’t waste”. A supporter of natural, ecological solutions. In Swapp! responsible for customer service and service.


Lifecycle & Material Engineer

An expert in the field of circular economy. Uses scientific and research experience and engineering practice to support ecological projects. He specializes in materials engineering. Author of the blog, covering eco-innovations, verifies the myths circulating among people, and presents a theory that allows a holistic view of the human impact on the environment.

Mateusz Śliwka

Web developer

A young entrepreneur who, together with his software house, deals with comprehensive website development

and web applications. His portfolio includes many projects for companies of various sizes from all over Europe. A supporter of implementing modern, original solutions presented in the form of aesthetic and user-friendly interfaces.