Investing in sustainability solutions are not only a profitable business, but also a great gift to our planet Earth and future generations.

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A place where people avoid plastic usage and look for alternatives to it. If you are an investor and would like to invest in our business, please have a look at our pitchdeck. Please click the link below. 

Awards we cherish

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The first award and the title of Stena Circular Economy
Award Leader
The first award of Samsung Incubator Climate Leadership
Special VC Award
EIT PowerUp Challenge 2020
Audience Award
EIT PowerUp Challenge 2020
Title Company for Climate
Special Award
CEE Startup Challenge 2020

It's the right moment

Ahead of us is a great project of energy transformation and green investments resulting from from the assumptions of the European Green Deal, but above all from the expectations of people facing adversities of climate change. The challenges we face require investment, commitment and bold business decisions that have a real impact
on the development of circular economies and sustainable development.

New EU Regulations

Legal and fiscal changes, increasing the responsibility of producers and commercial networks for the production of post-packaging waste.

Public opinion

The growing interest of people in problems resulting from the dangers related to the negative impact of humans on the natural environment.

New rules in FMCG

Global corporations in the FMCG sector are introducing new strategies to meet ecological demands & are continuously in search of innovative ideas.

Swapp! Project is co-financed
by the European Union and RP

As part of the SpeedUp Group investment, we received funding under the Intelligent Development program financed by European Funds in cooperation with the National Center for Research and Development for research and development.

Design, construction of a prototype and operational tests of Refillomat 2.0
The main goal of the project is to build a Refillomat 2.0 prototype, which is to be the central element of closed-loop liquid consumer products sales. The developed Refillomat for the distribution of cosmetics will be distinguished by an innovative design, characterized by high mobility, modularity and small dimensions, thanks to which it will be possible to install it on small areas inside buildings and shops. The design of the cosmetic pouring device is also an innovation in the project.

In addition, as part of the project, we will carry out:
Microbiological tests of the liquid distributor module and collecting containers.
Research in the field of requirements for substances sold via the refillomat and selection of the appropriate module
liquid distribution.
Research in the field of packaging design and the carbon footprint of packaging and the logistics chain.

Project value: PLN 1 million
Co-financing from the funds of the National Center for Research and Development: PLN 800,000


IP research of the SWAPP! solutions  as part of the “Intellectual property in your company” program
Swapp! took part in the project of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, co-financed by European Funds entitled “Intellectual property in your company”.

The aim of the project is to shape the practical skills of entrepreneurs in the use of intellectual property protection, including industrial property, and the possibility of benefiting from this protection.

The result of the project is to obtain practical knowledge on how to protect the intellectual property of the company and how to benefit from the protection of intellectual property in order to increase the competitiveness of your company.

Gross cost of the service covered by the grant: PLN 2,021 gross
Total amount of the grant received from the EU: PLN 1,560.94 gros

Legal advice related to the implementation of the procurement process in the field of business activities and the implementation of the investment process under the “Legal Support for Startups” program

Swapp! Sp z o. o. benefits from support under the “Legal support for startups” program, which is financed from the state budget by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

The aim of the project is legal support in the implementation of the investment process, legal advice related to the implementation of the procurement process in the field of business operations, legal support in negotiations with the VC Fund or the Business Angel, legal consultations in the field of business activities.