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Start selling the product,
not the packaging

Jump on the bandwagon of companies who are leading the movement to change the world and reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging. It's possible, right away!

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Start selling the product,
not the packaging

Jump on the bandwagon of companies who are leading the movement to change the world and reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging. It's possible, right away!

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Let's build a better planet!

The reduction of single-use plastic packaging is a major challenge faced by most of the FMCG producers as well as retailers on their road to sustainable development. Producers & and retail chains are implementing various solutions that bring them closer to this goal.

One of them is an easy-to-implement and scaleable network of refill stations. We believe that consumers are ready for it and are waiting for their favourite brands to make this move. Swapp! helps you in making your sales channel more sustainable with ease backed by valuable consumer insights & analytics. 

Are you a producer?

We help you in sustainable transformation of your sales channel and give your customers a choice to buy the product rather than the packaging.


  • ready-to-implement solution
  • low implementation costs
  • proven sales processes & hassle-free operations

Are you a retailer?

We facilitate the creation of a sustainable space for selling products without packaging. You can now give your customers a choice and realistically limit the number of disposable packaging.


  • minimum installation requirements
  • compact footprint and extremely mobile station
  • intuitive operation & premium design

Are you a distributor?

Join the movement! With Swapp!, you can take advantage of the sale of modern refill stations and conquer new markets that expect solutions based on sustainable development.


  • long-term contract
  • transparent terms of cooperation
  • reliable products & solutions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

First, send us an email and tell what kind of product would you like to refill? Then book a meeting with us, you can use this link – We will explain you all details. After all we will start implementation process. We recommend to think about product which has natural ingredients and, very importantly, does not have microplastics and is not tested on animals.

Usually a few weeks. In the implementation process, we conduct product tests – usually 3-5 business days. The products should be delivered to us in 10-liter tanks. If the process passes the first tests and trials, then we sign a contract and implement the products to the station. The implementation itself should be preceded by arrangements in the field of: branding, content at the station, the process of filling bag-in-boxes, media support.

Both options are possible, The purchase of the machine is a one-time cost + annual service costs, while the rental is associated with signing a contract for at least 1 year. You can also rent a half machine or even two of the eight product lines.

The contract for the rental of the station is signed for a minimum of 1 year from the date of installation of the products in the machine

There are two things: services and maintenance. Swapp! is giving services if something happens and also one time a month maintains wich include cleaning and disinfection of the Station. Also during this visit, our team can replace the product in the station.

The easiest way to change the empty box for a new one is when the shop assistants will do it by themself. It is easy to do it, takes only a few seconds and of course, every shop assistant will get special training from us. The reason for it is time – when the product is finished, the shop can do it right away and doesn’t need to wait for our support.

1. Station dimensions: 80cm x 80xm x 185cm 2. Weight: about 150 kg.  3. Electrical connection: standard 220v socket 4. No need to connect to water 5. Mobility and ease of assembly: the machine is on wheels – we introduce it to the store space without any additional restrictions 6. Connection to the Internet and the cloud: through the modem supplied with the station

There are two ways to do it:

1. You can do it by yourself. The only need is to buy our Swapp! Refilling Kit which cost 650 euro and buy from our 10l bags and boxes.You can do it in your factory – we will give you a training

2. Swapp! The service team can do it for You anytime you need it. We can come to your place and refill containres as much as you want. Detail will be givien after the first meeting.

Inside the station: 8 products in BIB bags from 10 liters to 20 liters (depending on the choice and needs) – we are currently working on 10 liter bags due to the station’s service and the weight that can be lifted by store employees. In case you have no experience with BIB bags, we provide an economical solution for filling the bags with your products.

In the shop. Refill Station is printing the back label with the EAN code of the product. Customer is sticking it to the bottle and pay in the cashier.

If you would like to be our partners in selling our solution worldwide – we have a special offer for You. Pls send your email to Simon:

Same as for the normal product. The Shop is making orders in the same way as they do every day. 

Contact us for more details

Szymon Barabasz
+48 500 145 400,