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Our Solutions

Swapp's Sustainability-as-a-Service is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution combining the traditional form of sales with cutting-edge technology.

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Our Solutions

Swapp's Sustainability-as-a-Service is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution combining the traditional form of sales with cutting-edge technology.

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Swapp! primarily offers Sustainability-as-a-Service (SuaS) to brands helping them to accelerate their sustainable development. It consists of three complementary elements: Refill Station with cutting-edge features and design, Monitored & Reusable Packaging and Applications (mobile/web) for end users & partners.

What stands out in Swapp! is that, we leverage the synergy among Refill Station, Smart Packaging & Connected Apps to help you achieve your sustainability goals in no time.

See our two solutions: liquid station and dry station:

Refill Station (Liquid)

We build our Refill Station based on the knowledge & insights learnt from our 18 months pilot in Poland with leading Producer & Retailer. It was extremely important to us, to build a very efficient product, both for Retail and Producers.

Our station is light, mobile, does not take up much space in the store, and gives as much space for products. We can sell up to 8 products from even 8 different categories. It has an integrated printer for printing product info, a QR reader for recognising Swapp! bottles as well as for logging in service users.  Most importantly it’s all cloud based so we can monitor all the activities remotely.

Refill Station (Dry)

Swapp! Apps

Software plays a huge role in our ecosystem. Refill Stations are the primary interaction points for the end customer, however the connected apps bring together all the data points leading to solid analytics. And thereby provides substantial value to all the key stake holders iinvolved

For instance, end-users can use the Swapp! app for locating the Refill Station, discovering the products sold inside, available capacity of a product as well as price, and also can track their carbon footprint. One of the key features is the possibility to monitor Swapp! bottle. Our users can add bottle to the system by scanning individual QR codes printed on the bottles and every time when the use that bottle, it is counted as a refill. Once a given number of refills are done, the user is intimated through the app to return the bottle for safe recycling. Thereby giving them complete control on the lifecycle of the bottle.

Our partners – Producers and Retailers can monitor all the activities related to the sale of products in their refill stations.

Reusable Packaging

The other key element in the Swapp! solution is the Reusable Packaging. The Swapp! bottle is made from recyclable plastic, granular HDPE material. It can be refilled more than 30 times, with an estimated use through minimum 1 year and can be washed in the dishwasher, and at the end of life, will be fully recycled.

We had conducted a series of tests and simulations on materials like: aluminum, steel, glass, HDPE, rHDPE, and PET. We used a multi-criteria matrix to evaluate the packaging – like material formability, functional performance, carbon footprint, recyclability, and cost. Additionally, we assessed the carbon footprint based on the PN-EN ISO 14067 standard and designed raw material flow stream. More detail can be found: here.

The packaging is equipped with unique QR code which helps us distinguish one bottle from another. In the near future we might also be testing the deposit system and subscription model.

Swapp! Labs

Swapp! Labs is our in-house R&D wing, focusing on new product development, combining the best of engineering, design and business aspects. We are continuously looking for exciting & challenging engagements with FMCG producers to introduce refill systems in new product categories and products.

Currently, we are in the process of building a sustainable channel for selling pasta with the largest pasta manufacturer in Poland. We hereby invite all producers who would like to explore alternate ways of selling products through sustainable channels to reach out to us.