Our refillution is gaining momentum

We are expanding the network of refilling stations for liquid products and we are starting cooperation with new partners. Three new stations have already started operating in Warsaw, and soon another one will appear in Krakow. We implement the strategy of development and promotion of refilling in response to the constant increase in waste from disposable packaging

We installed the devices in the Carrefour Supermarket in Galeria Mokotów, in the Super Pharm store in Galeria Targówek and in the Auchan Hypermarket in Piaseczno. In Krakow from the Swapp station! SuperPharm customers in Galeria Kazimierz will soon be available to use. – Our goal is to build the largest possible network of refill stations in cooperation with many partners. Development alongside global retail chains is a huge dose of knowledge and the possibility of verifying the universality of our solution. Each network has different logistic processes, rules of cooperation with contractors and software. Thanks to these challenges, we prepare processes that are scalable and possible to implement for new clients – explains Szymon Barabasz – Co-founder Swapp.

Refill station Swapp!
at Carrefour Galeria Mokotów
Refill station Swapp!
at Auchan Piaseczno
Refill station Swapp!
at Super-Pharm HomePark Targówek

So far, in the two Swapp 1.0 stations operating in the Carrefour network. four Yope products could be filled. The pilot program of the vending machines was supposed to last a month, but the obtained sales results and the acquired knowledge meant that the stations have been operating for almost 18 months. We have eliminated several thousand disposable packages from the market and we are recording a constant number of returning customers.

Stacja Refill Swapp! Carrefour Bio
Refill Station Swapp!
Carrefour Bio Warszawa
Stacja Refill Swapp! Carrefour Magnolia Park
Refill station Swapp!
Carrefour Magnolia Park

From June 2021, Swapp! we carried out R&D works as part of an investment from the Speed Up Group fund. The new stations have been designed to meet as many needs of business partners and users as possible. The machine has dimensions that allow it to be placed in even small store spaces. On the other hand, it offers the possibility of selling eight different products from two product categories, and the storage space of the station can hold over 150 liters of liquids sold. – We optimized the speed of pouring products, we designed the dispenser space, allowing the use of various shapes and sizes of packaging, we enabled customers to purchase products of various capacities – says Sargheve Sukumaran – co-founder and technological head of the project. – All machines are connected in the cloud and can be managed remotely. – adds Sargheve.

In the installed stations, customers can buy Yope brand cosmetics and cleaning agents as well as Jelp washing liquids. – The data obtained from consumers show that if someone decides to buy products at a refill station, he wants to meet as many home needs as possible. In addition to soap or bath gel, he wants to buy washing-up liquid, cleaning fluids and washing liquid. – explains Szymon Barabasz. – At the same time, in order to maintain the division between categories to which customers are accustomed, the machine is equipped with two filling areas. Each product dispensing line is individual. Each is connected to an individual cleaning system – adds Szymon. We provide manufacturers with a ready-made solution that allows them to verify the sales of their products in the refill model and learn about the benefits of reducing disposable packaging in their business in a short time and without costly R&D expenditure.

Test reusable Swapp bottles! are available at
Carrefour in Galeria Mokotów
Screen of refill station!

Customers who buy products can use clean and leak-proof own packaging, while Swapp! together with the station, implements reusable test bottles made of HPDE at selected points. – They are white, made of plastic that ensures a high degree of processing. As part of the project, together with scientists from the Poznań University of Technology, we conducted research that confirmed that the selected material has one of the lowest carbon footprints and at the same time ensures safe reusability – argues Sargheve. At the same time, work is underway on the SWAPP! Mobile application, the implementation of which is planned in the coming weeks. Once implemented, it will be the only liquid product refill sales system, combining stations, packaging and a mobile application dedicated to consumers, retail chain employees, manufacturers and Swapp! – Every reusable bottle implemented by Swapp! it already has an individual qr code that allows you to save it in the future to your own profile in the application and monitor its history. In the future, the more times the consumer uses the packaging, the more benefits it will get. – adds Szymon.

On the carbon footprint of Swapp packaging! you can read here: https://eko-logicznie.com/case-studies/swapp-refillomat-2-0-i-slad-weglowy-opakowan/