Investing in sustainability solutions are not only a profitable business, but also a great gift to our planet Earth and future generations.

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A place where people avoid plastic usage and look for alternatives to it. If you are an investor and would like to invest in our business, please have a look at our pitchdeck. Please click the link below. 

Awards we cherish

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Audience Award, EIT PowerUp Challenge 2020
Special VC Award, EIT PowerUp Challenge 2020
Special Award, CEE Startup Challenge 2020

It's the right moment

Ahead of us is a great project of energy transformation and green investments resulting from from the assumptions of the European Green Deal, but above all from the expectations of people facing adversities of climate change. The challenges we face require investment, commitment and bold business decisions that have a real impact
on the development of circular economies and sustainable development.

New EU Regulations

Legal and fiscal changes, increasing the responsibility of producers and commercial networks for the production of post-packaging waste.

Public opinion

The growing interest of people in problems resulting from the dangers related to the negative impact of humans on the natural environment.

New rules in FMCG

Global corporations in the FMCG sector are introducing new strategies to meet ecological demands & are continuously in search of innovative ideas.