Circularity & Impact

Circular design is at the heart of everything we do, aiming for sustainable production patterns as well as positive change in user behaviours & lifestyles. 

Let's swapp! the world. Together we can do it!

We all have the power to create change, influence each other for the better of the planet, ourselves and for the coming generations. The power of refilling was always underplayed. We have built an ecosystem that will help you refill your favourite products with ease, so that it can comfortably be part of your everyday life.

Why circularity?

Circularity is a serious affair for us!

Linear models of production and consumption has not take us anywhere. We have learnt it the hard way. We believe that principles of Circular economy model if applied well would really help us in achieving sustainable growth. Life cycle of products can be extended, wastes can be reduced and a more efficient and sustainable production model can be established over time.

Refill Stations

We are continuously optimising the way our Refill Stations are designed and produced. Being designed in-house by our R&D team and produced locally, we have complete control of how we could add more value to all the stakeholders while keeping as friendly as possible to the planet. 

Product Bags (Bag-in-Boxes)

Our Bag-inboxes are a ready to implement solution for various product categories, there by resource optimised. It is locally sourced, and are backward compatible with various filling equipment commonly used in the filling line. Above it, it can be easily recycled in the facilities available locally.

Reusable Packaging

Our reusable packaging comes with integrated unique identifiers which helps us in monitoring how the packaging is used. This gives us immense potential to maximise the efficiency of a given material used in making that packaging. 

Most importantly, end customers are actively involved in this process, and thereby has a huge role to play. We believe that empowering the customer to take easy steps towards a sustainable future will really change the game. 

Be the change you want to see in the world!

We are actively involved in various initiatives and programs that helps us learn the pulse of the community and the change-makers who are flag bearers of the movement towards a sustainable future . We believe that constant learning with an open mind is very important to make the best use of knowledge bases widely available, and to reflect on our everyday operations.

Supported & endorsed by Zero Waste Poland. Our refill stations are also listed in their map.

Member of Polish Plastic Pact. Actively part of various dialogues & initiatives on sustainability.

Successfully completed renowned From Linear to Circular cohort 2021 from EMF.

Proud moment as one of our cofounders is selected as EU Climate Pact Ambassador 2022.

Saving a million plastic single-use bottles!

Our journey so far has been very exciting, challenging and at the same time encouraging. Seeing how the end customers respond to our refill systems, and how many brands would like to lead the change really motivates us to be better at what we do. 

We have set a huge target for ourselves. Our next goal is to save 1 million single-use plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans or landfills. We are very sure that you would love to be a part of it!!