Challenges in Hack@Nat

We are one of 20 teams taking up the challenge in HACK @ NAT, a 7-week program combining elements of hackathon and an acceleration path for ideas, services and products, addressing five challenges defined by NatWest Poland. Our solution adapted to the needs of the program competes in the area of ​​Make Space – Eco ways of commuting to work. We are already after several inspirational talks with our mentor Carole Donaghy and Marta Łapińska from NatWest Poland and webinars with extremely interesting presentations of specialists, including in the field of customer discovery. Ahead of us are further conversations, presentations and a grand finale in which the best ideas will be rewarded and will be able to count on NatWest Poland’s support in implementation.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to compete, inspiration from NatWest Entrepreneurial Development Academy and the opportunity to work on improving our offer and adapting it to the needs of our potential customers! Once again we will ask: Keep your fingers crossed ????

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